Where Are You in Your Transformation Journey: Healing Trauma

Published On: May 15th, 2022

Earlier this month, we explored “What Can the Butterfly’s Metamorphosis Teach Us About Transformation,” and now let’s continue the exploration by considering your transformation journey around healing trauma.

Begin wondering:

Where are you in your metamorphosis cycle?  Is it time to cocoon to become the beautiful butterfly you are meant to be?

To answer this question, let’s play with the imagery.

I invite you to schedule 30 minutes or more outdoors to enjoy this spring season and the expansion happening all around.

  • Go outside, and sit in nature if you are able. Your mobility may allow you to hike or visit a park, or you may find a peaceful garden with a bench where you can soak up the beauty of nature.
  • Find a place to allow yourself to immerse in nature.
  • Notice: What “speaks” to your spirit?  Is it a plant, flower, or tree?  Is it the flow of the wind or the clouds?  Maybe it is an insect flying around or an animal at ease in its natural habitat.
  • Take time to appreciate whatever beauty comes to you.

Earlier in the month we explored some “I wonder” questions.  What do you wonder as you sit in this space?  Think to yourself…

I wonder:

  • What kind of caterpillar would I be?
  • What goodness has come from this stage in my life?
  • What would help my transformation?

I wonder:

  • Am I able to give myself permission to “cocoon” and allow myself time and space to transform?
  • If yes, what would I want in my cocoon to help my transformation?
  • What thoughts limit my outlook of what I can become or what I deserve?

I wonder:

  • What color or type of butterfly would I be?
  • How broad could my wings get?
  • Why I soar through the air, how high could I fly?

Sit and take in the images and thoughts that come to you.

When you go back inside, consider journaling your answers to these questions.  Perhaps draw or color your caterpillar on one side of the page and your butterfly on the other side.  Have fun with your imagination and the amount of detail you can give.

Consider what you need in your cocoon to nurture yourself, and write it in the space between.

If you are like me and are not particularly artistic, you can go to websites such as unsplash.com and pixabay.com to find images to print.

My hope and my prayer are that you nurture your inner butterfly, seek healing change, and transform into the expanded version of you.  If you would like a guidebook to help you explore more deeply, the Awakening the Light book was written just for that purpose.
gratitude, thankful, healing practices

Let us know how this exploration goes for you!  Our goal is to create a Thriver Tribe of people growing and claiming their best selves and best lives!

We hope you will engage with us in whatever way feels most helpful.  There is a Thriver Tribe here to support you, root you on, and believe you can make life-changing steps to move to a thriving life.

Here’s to Thriving!


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