Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers – Tambry Harris

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I was a woman wrapped in the image of having it all together with a successful career, beautiful daughter, and seemingly happy marriage.  Then a sudden panic attack became my wake-up call that my life was not “perfect.” Years of peeling back the painful layers revealed what I had suppressed for decades… that I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. More years were spent understanding and accepting the impact this abuse had on my life choices and my beliefs about myself.

This awareness was not the end of my journey. I needed to find my voice, decisively name my truth and create a vision around how I could help others who have experienced the pain and shame of sexual abuse. My calling is to inspire people to move beyond the initial awareness and therapy to a new level of wholeness that comes with claiming their Going-Forward Story and becoming thrivers in life. I seek to share how my feelings of unworthiness caused me to seek to prove myself through accomplishments and not claim the kind of love I deserved. My Going-Forward Story is one of confidence in who I am, claiming who I was meant to be, and embracing the unconditional, abundant love that has found me.

After I received my Masters Degree in Applied Psychology, 16 years were spent in Corporate America, working for several Fortune 100 companies including Duke Energy, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, and First Union/Wachovia. Working in the areas of organizational, team and leader development was very satisfying. I gained certifications in the areas of Coaching, Diversity, Change Management, and Cultural Awareness.  Each of these certifications evolved who I am and what I believe. I am a passionate advocate who seeks to influence change through my skills as a visionary, project and team leader, program developer, team and people developer, and facilitator of groups big and small.

Over ten years ago I left to form my own company where I would seek to continue to enhance performance at organizational, team, and individual levels. At the same time, my spiritual life grew and I saw the importance of balance to become the whole person I was meant to be. Six years ago I added the certification of Spiritual Director to further my ability to coach to the whole of a person.  This entrepreneurial spirit helps me as I lead and evolve Survivors to Thrivers.  Finally, I bring a willingness to do whatever it takes.  I am being pulled out of my comfort zone as I speak to groups about my experience.  Finding my voice has been part of my journey and this continues to be expanded with my desire to break the silence around this topic.


My dream is that survivors of sexual abuse would no longer be trapped by fear and limitations from their old story and claim a whole-hearted, life-giving Going-Forward Story. I want to bring light and awareness into the darkness, shame and silence of sexual abuse and encourage survivors to find strength and freedom by claiming a story of significance. I want every person who has suffered sexual abuse and limiting, negative beliefs to be liberated to claim the life they deserve and become the person they were meant to be. I spent too many years afraid of being seen as unworthy based on both what happened to me and the fact that no-one came to my aid as a five-year-old girl. I desire that every survivor feel a sense of community, support, hope and love so they are encouraged to live a whole-hearted, unfettered life.

How Survivors to Thrivers Helps


Transformational Coaching

(could be combined with one other person)
We guide people through the Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers Process.  As a trusted partner, we help you rethink what is possible and embrace meaningful, sustainable change leading to success in life.  You do not need to stay stuck in survivor mode.  We lead you to claim your thriving, whole-hearted future story!


(Currently Offered Virtually)
Imagine a safe, sacred space for a small group to Awaken their Going-Forward Story through reflection, journaling and story boarding. Available for in-person as well as virtual engagements.

Speaking Engagements

Through group presentations, facilitation of dialogue, even Zoom events, we shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse, encourage survivors to heal and “supporters” to be available to those they love.

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Tambry’s experiences, concepts and heart shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse.


2020 American Book Fest Best Book Finalist

Tambry’s experiences, concepts and heart help the reader see that thriving is possible. Begin the next step in your healing journey from your own home at your own pace with exploration exercises to claim your Going-Forward Story.

Group Growth Guide

Having a trusted group nurturing growth together can help in the healing journey. This Ten-Week Discussion Guide to Awakening the Light helps your small group create a safe space to grow together.