Transformational Coaching

(could be combined with one other person)

  • We guide people to look at their core beliefs and toxic voices, identify how they are limiting themselves, shed their old shell and  claim their new, Going-Forward Story through a Three Step Transformation Process to guide you through Awareness, Alignment and Action.

    The Awareness Step increases your understanding of your unique talents, motivators, dreams, fears and assumptions.  Survivors often develop limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns that get in their way of living their best life.  We help you identify yours.

    The Alignment Step determines what needs to shift within and around you to foster a clear path forward and a successful trajectory.  This step utilizes a holistic approach (mind, body and spirit) to ensure lasting change.

    The Action Step creates goals to navigate your go-forward path including “stretch” actions and new thought patterns leading to extraordinary results and a full, successful, thriving life.

  • Eight sessions move you through the Transformation Process and include understanding the practice of mindfulness, exploring the dynamics of our identity and limiting core beliefs. This unique process leads to capturing your current story, what you want to claim as your future story, looking at “antagonists”, supporting characters and finally illustrating your Going-Forward Story.


When I heard Tambry speak I thought, ‘I want to feel like her and be confident to overcome the hold my past abuse has on me.’ It took courage to begin looking at my story but I came out feeling powerful. Looking at the bad, grieving the pain and putting it into perspective has freed me. I didn’t know how much lighter I would feel. It has taken until I was 60 to find absolution, no little girl should carry this guilt and pain throughout her life.

RL, It takes courage

“Being a part of the me-too movement has changed the way I react and feel about flashbacks and memories of “my incident” which happened over 30 years ago. But, it is as fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday!  Tambry’s approach is revolutionary in how it helps a person understand her actions and reactions about her personal experience. It is one part healing wounds and another part dealing with the anger that comes along with such an assault. Let us not forget the sadness and anger that ensues after one is attacked, groped, or even raped. Tambry helps us get a grip on our feelings to not let the fear and anger control our very lives or form a barrier between us and all Humanity.  Above it all, we can be thrivers in life!!!”

BN, This approach is revolutionary

“It has been extremely important in my life to work through the feelings and effects of the trauma I experienced. Yet that chapter of my life feels like it has been on constant auto-replay.  This retreat allowed me the opportunity to begin to move forward into the next chapter of my life.  Letting go and moving on does not negate what happened.  It will always be a chapter of my life but does not have to be the last chapter.  Through multiple experiences during the retreat, I am now able to see a path into the future and have concrete steps to take to begin to move forward.”

DC, I am now able to see a path into the future

“Being able to step outside my story and see it objectively was tremendous.  The insight about how to bring some change, peace, vision and practical application to my life offers me the opportunity for less stress, improved communication with others and clarity to move forward.  Thank you Tambry for sharing your wisdom and your heart.”

TD, How to bring change, peace, vision and practical application

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How Survivors to Thrivers Helps


Transformational Coaching

(could be combined with one other person)
We guide people through the Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers Process.  As a trusted partner, we help you rethink what is possible and embrace meaningful, sustainable change leading to success in life.  You do not need to stay stuck in survivor mode.  We lead you to claim your thriving, whole-hearted future story!


Imagine a safe, sacred space for a small group to Awaken their Going-Forward Story through reflection, journaling, and story boarding. Available for in-person as well as virtual engagements.

Speaking Engagements

Through group presentations, facilitation of dialogue, even Zoom events, we shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse, encourage survivors to heal and “supporters” to be available to those they love.



Tambry’s experiences, concepts and heart shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse.


2020 American Book Fest Best Book Finalist

Tambry’s experiences, concepts and heart help the reader see that thriving is possible. Begin the next step in your healing journey from your own home at your own pace with exploration exercises to claim your Going-Forward Story.

Group Growth Guide

Having a trusted group nurturing growth together can help in the healing journey. This Ten-Week Discussion Guide to Awakening the Light helps your small group create a safe space to grow together.