Survivors to Thrivers Founder Tambry Harris

Tambry’s experiences, concepts and heart shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse.

Tambry is a spiritual director and life coach who helps others claim their best selves and lives. This involves clients looking at their innate character, personal obstacles, and deepest desires to intentionally embrace their whole selves.

Her twenty years of coaching and eight years of spiritual direction translate into her work with survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence through the Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers (GFS2T) organization.

Tambry believes her Masters in Applied Psychology and certifications in the areas of Leadership Coaching, Spiritual Direction, Change Management, and Diversity provide a grounded foundation to serve these beautiful souls.  She guides survivors to examine limiting beliefs, find strength in their unique gifts and abilities, and claim a wholehearted, meaningful life.

Tambry was recently named Mecklenburg Times 50 Most Influential Women of 2021 for the transformation work she does locally and nationally.

It takes a team to initiate the kind of change we want to see in the world. Below you can find out more about the people that are instrumental in creating change.

Founder, Speaker, Guide, Author

Community Engagement Manager

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How Survivors to Thrivers Helps


Transformational Coaching

(could be combined with one other person)
We guide people through the Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers Process.  As a trusted partner, we help you rethink what is possible and embrace meaningful, sustainable change leading to success in life.  You do not need to stay stuck in survivor mode.  We lead you to claim your thriving, whole-hearted future story!


Imagine a safe, sacred space for a small group to Awaken their Going-Forward Story through reflection, journaling, and story boarding. Available for in-person as well as virtual engagements.

Speaking Engagements

Through group presentations, facilitation of dialogue, even Zoom events, we shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse, encourage survivors to heal and “supporters” to be available to those they love.


2020 American Book Fest Best Book Finalist

Tambry’s experiences, concepts and heart help the reader see that thriving is possible. Begin the next step in your healing journey from your own home at your own pace with exploration exercises to claim your Going-Forward Story.

Group Growth Guide

Having a trusted group nurturing growth together can help in the healing journey. This Ten-Week Discussion Guide to Awakening the Light helps your small group create a safe space to grow together.



Tambry’s experiences, concepts and heart shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse.