What Is Ripening or Blooming Within You?

Published On: July 1st, 2022

Embracing the four seasons allows us the opportunity to look at ourselves and our lives with different perspectives through the course of the year.

Therefore, each perspective opens us up to more fullness and possibility.  With this being the summer season, we are invited to appreciate what is ripening or blooming around us and within us.

What comes to mind when you think of the Summer Season?  Is it:
  • Feeling the fullness and warmth of the sun?

  • Tasting the sweetness of deliciously ripened fruit?

  • Marveling at colors and shapes of flowers blooming throughout the summer?

This month, the invitation is to consider what is ripening or blooming in you.

To start, imagine if you did not slow down to take in the beauty that summer brings.  You might miss the brilliant flowers opening up to their full glory.  Or, maybe you would not take advantage of the fruits and vegetables freshly available to us.

Now, imagine missing out on the abundance that exists within you.

Part of my summer childhood memories in North Carolina were the appearance of fireflies.  Are you familiar with them?

Summer was here when the fireflies arrived and my heart would flutter as I saw their blinking lights against the night sky.  I was surprised and a bit saddened when my cousins came from California and shared that fireflies did not exist on the West Coast, at least where they lived.  This made the fireflies’ presence even more special for me; something that “lights me up” even to this day.

Each season has an associated “natural element.”  The element for the summer season is fire.

To honor this element, let’s consider the fire of spirit within each one of us.

Just like each of those little fireflies, we can light up our part of the night sky and bring delight to the hearts around us.

Some “pondering” questions could include:
  • “What am I ‘on fire’ for? For what am I most passionate?”
  • “What in my life is being sparked with life?”
  • “How I am uniquely made to light up my part of the world?”
control your mindsets

I invite you to begin pondering these questions.

If some answers immediately jump to your heart or mind, I would love to hear them!  Please put them in the comment section.

Your comments light up my heart.

On the fifteenth of this month, I will share exercises to help you continue to explore your light and what is ripening and blooming within you.

Here’s to nurturing that beautiful light!  Tambry

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