Understanding the Impact of Sexual Abuse

Published On: April 1st, 2022

Do you believe the world’s culture is desensitized to the impact of sexual abuse?  I do.

Since April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, I hope to increase understanding around this topic.

Let me give you an example.  My twenty-year-old step-son was describing a movie that showed three different perspectives of a rape scene:

  • The perpetrator’s view – she/he wanted it.
  • The victim’s view – she/he was violated.
  • Finally, the victim’s partner’s view – he/she was betrayed by the sexual act.

My step-son’s anger over the example of rape culture and blaming/shaming the victim showed enlightenment. And yet, there was a lack of understanding that this was not just a moment in time.

The victim’s life was changed forever.

If she sought to heal (and many do not), it would be a difficult journey.

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, then we at Survivors to Thrivers are here for you.  We understand you.  This organization is made up of survivors who are on various healing journeys. We want to encourage all survivors to move toward thriving.  This blog describes how.

If you seek to be a survivor supporter, keep reading.  There are many resources available to you to support your loved one (s).

Survivors to Thrivers takes real, holistic action by meeting people where they are on their healing journey.

Awareness-raising is our first effort. We seek to shine light on the topic for individuals who need to do healing work to become unstuck from limiting beliefs and unhealthy patternsClick here to learn more about statistics from last year’s blog.

Daily encouragement, hope and healing are offered through Instagram and Facebook.

Weekly Survivor Saturdays on Clubhouse offer words of encouragement and opportunities to share trials and triumphs in a safe, sacred space.

Bi-monthly blogs speak truth into the hearts of survivors and give specific healing activities for the mind, body, and spirit.

Individual guidance helps those who are stuck in limiting beliefs a way out of unhealthy patterns and a path to claim their Going-Forward Story.

In April, our 30-minute Talk to Tambry is available for free to encourage that first brave step toward thriving.

Through the Awakening the Light: A Survivors to Thrivers Going-Forward Story book, survivors, supporters, therapists, physicians, and faith leaders are finding a helpful resource for survivors.  This book guides readers to take the first step in moving into their new going-forward story from the safety, security, and privacy of their own home.

Also, for April, this book is available through Amazon at a 25% discount to encourage survivors to take that initial step.

Supporters, your understanding and encouragement matters!  Your survivor needs you!

You can support survivors by:

Encouraging individuals to get one-on-one guidance,

Sharing this website so they are aware of the various healing and growth options,

Buying the Awakening the Light book for yourself to increase your understanding of what it’s like to be a survivor.  Knowing the steps that survivors can take allows you to be an active supporter and even share this resource,

Connecting through our quarterly newsletter to be a part of our Thriver Tribe, celebrating key events and nurturing continued growth, and finally,

Donating to support our efforts to provide daily Facebook/Instagram words of hope and healing or bridging funding gaps for individuals who cannot afford to pay for their guidance.

If you are a survivor whose heart was touched by what you have read, whose spirit was lifted at the idea of a more joy-filled life, we are here for you, dear one.
We hope you will engage with us in whatever way feels most helpful.  There is a Thriver Tribe here to support you, root you on, and believe you can make life-changing steps to move to a thriving life.

Here’s to Thriving!


Tambry Harris is the Founder of Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers and Author of Awakening the Light: A Survivors to Thrivers Going-Forward Story (2020 American Book Fest Best Book Finalist). Her MA in Psychology, certifications in Coaching, Spiritual Direction, Change Management, and Diversity, and her 20 years of experience provide a grounded foundation to serve beautiful survivor souls.

Talk To Tambry

I am glad you have taken the time to engage with this blog.  Sometimes it is helpful to process new insights that emerge.  If you would appreciate brief time with a someone who understands, our Talk to Tambry offering is for you.  For 30 minutes, you can receive support from Tambry who is a certified life coach, spiritual director and a survivor who has been on the journey as well.  This is offered at a reduced rate of $50.

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