Snow’s Invitation to Soften Yourself

Published On: February 1st, 2022

During the chill of February, there is an invitation to “soften” yourself.

Let me explain.

As I sat in my house, snowbound with the accumulation of ice and snow, I noticed myself softening inside. My expectations of myself and others lessened.

There was no rush to get things done because there was nowhere to go. When deliveries were not on time, there was no frustration, only understanding and a want for the driver to be safe.

Time felt expansive and opened before me, perhaps because I knew the world would be managing expectations of me as well.

I thought to myself, and invite you to ponder, these “what if” statements:

  • What if I use this experience as an invitation to live life with more slowness, simplicity and attentiveness?
  • What if I take a breath and question the world’s expectations of speed, busyness and noise?
  • What if I listen to the quiet voice inside telling me what is best for me?

What if I use this experience as an invitation to live life with more slowness, simplicity and attentiveness?

Survivors can be highly attuned to what is going on around us because that awareness was required to be safe… Or at least allowed us to feel a sense of control.

  • What if we don’t have to be hypervigilant anymore?

  • What if we can give our interior world as much attention as our exterior world?

  • What if we prioritized our own needs as highly as we do the needs of others?

Will you join me in this call to rest and spaciousness?  What does that look like?

First you take a deep breath and then feel your body, mind, and spirit settle into your space.

Next you allow yourself the luxury of staying in that space until you have a sense of completeness.

As you feel a sense of calm, I invite you to look at the image above, and see yourself taking in that scene.  Can you feel the crispness of the air, the cool drops of snow as they touch your face and notice the spaciousness of the sky?  As you fully experience the scene, can you let your body soften a little more?

I leave you with a couple of pictures that spoke to my heart and softened my spirit a little bit.  If you like them, I will be sharing these and others in this month’s Instagram/Facebook posts along with reflection prompts.  I encourage you to follow us at IG: survivorstothrivers or FB: survivorstothriversofficial.

At Survivors to Thrivers, we encourage survivors of trauma and abuse to embrace their whole selves: mind, body and spirit.  We seek to offer reflections and activities to expand our Thriver Tribe’s healing journey.

I would love to hear what speaks to your heart and what rituals or exercises you enjoy!

Here’s to Thriving!  Tambry

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