Letting Go as a Self-Care Practice

Published On: November 15th, 2022

Fall is a season of maturation and change which makes it a great time to reflect on how letting go can be a healthy self-care practice for you.  What do you sense you are being asked to surrender or release during this season?

Earlier this month, I invited you to think about:

  • Are there commitments, relationships, or patterns that no longer serve you … what would it look like to let them go?
  • What attitudes or beliefs can you release to make more space for something new?
  • What would it look like to “organically” let the release happen?  This may look like surrendering, yielding, or loosening your grip.

If you haven’t already, take time and make space to explore what you want to release.  Jot down your thoughts on the questions above.

After thinking about these questions, here are three nature activities to tap into your intuitive, inner knowledge.

Releasing with Leaves

Walk in your yard, a park, or the woods, and take slow, intentional steps.

If you are comfortable, stand barefoot on the ground, and allow some time to connect to the ground beneath you.

Deepen your breath. As you inhale imagine drawing up the energy from the earth through your feet and up your legs. As you exhale, imagine sending down deep roots that will draw nourishment.

Notice the temperature of the earth, the texture, and the hardness or softness of the ground. Walk a few steps and become fully present in the way the ground feels as you move across it.

Kneel, if you are able, and feel the leaves or earth in your fingers. Bring all of your senses to this experience, noticing the texture, smell, and sounds around you.

Let yourself play for a little while.

  • What might you have done as a child?
  • How might your exploration be free and spontaneous?
  • See if you can let that part of yourself have some time to explore.

Look around you and find some leaves to hold in your hands.  Begin to think about what they might represent (the commitments, relationships, patterns, attitudes, or beliefs you noted earlier).  What are those things that you have been holding on to? Name them. See them in the leaves.

Sit with the idea of them resting in your hands.  Then visualize how you want to release them.

  • Do you want to wait for the wind to come and take them away?
  • Do you want to walk away from that spot and allow them to trail behind you?
  • Do you want to throw your hands up in the air allowing them to scatter all around you?

After releasing the leaves, sit with your hands open. Take a deep breath to open your heart to receive other levels of awareness beyond your five senses.

  • See if you can let go of trying to have a specific experience, and simply sense yourself being here without an agenda or goals.
  • Notice what your experience is like now.
  • Rest in the space as long as you desire and see what you discover.

What wisdom comes from this imagery and experience?  If you are inspired, write or draw it in a notebook or journal.

Releasing with Water

Water invites us to release into life‘s flow rather than forcing our own will upon life. The water element is also connected to autumn’s surrender and the waning moon.

Find a source of water near you; maybe it is a creek or pond.  Sit in this space and just notice how you feel.  See if you can deepen your breath to settle your body and spirit a little more.

Notice the movement within the water.  Water invites us to yield to the flow of our lives, to let our lives be organic. Envision yourself flowing with the water; what is your movement like?

Where are you experiencing resistance to releasing or surrendering?

  • In what ways do you long to let go?
  • Where is the flow of your life calling you to go?
Releasing through Stones

Stones speak of the endurance of things, ever patient with the world’s unfolding.

Go on a walk to let yourself find a stone, one that seems to call out to you given its size, shape, or color.  Sit or walk with this stone as you reflect on those things you wish to release.

The endless burdens we carry and the stories we tell ourselves can weigh us down.  They pull us away from the divine creatures we have been created to be.  Name these things as if you are embedding them into the stone.

As you come to the end of your walk or time sitting, release the rock and all the burdens with it.  This releasing could be throwing, dropping, or even gently placing–whatever feels right to you.

An additional step could be to go on another walk this week to let a stone find you (which is different from going out to look for the perfect stone). Try instead to let yourself discover and receive the gift of the stone.

Remember that your hand is empty and ready to receive since you recently released the other stone.

When you return home with your special stone, consider writing a word or phrase on it to serve as a reminder.

  • Is there a healing prayer or intention you might offer?
  • Place your stone somewhere it will act as a visual reminder.

I would love to hear which experiences spoke to you… and even what you learned.  As we share our growth paths, we can be encouragers.  If you have other ideas about how to “release,” please share!  I can offer them in future blogs or social media posts.

Thriver Tribe, I do hope exploring this Autumn Season of releasing has brought you a renewed sense of hope and healing.
May you continue to move toward thriving, Tambry

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