Embracing the Season of Winter

Published On: January 15th, 2022

Continuing from the post earlier this month, we are embracing the Season of Winter for insights into self-care. When we pay attention to the rhythm of the seasons, we learn a great deal about the rise and fall of life, about emptiness and fullness.

Winter quietly whispers to us to rest, to sink into the dark fertile space of unknowing, and to release the demands of productivity and calendars and “to do” lists, and simply be.

Many times it is hard for us to take time for self-care.  Below are two opportunities to invite yourself to embrace the season of Winter.

First is a Winter Poem speaking to the invitational silence that winter brings:

As the Snowflake Falls

Silence melts into the whisper

Of frosty feelings, radiating

Hope for the snow blanketed

World, pure and clean, brilliant

Like a dream of white swathed

Prayers singing of sweet peace

 ~ Line Gauthier

Reflection Questions –

  • What needs to melt within me?

  • Where am I being invited into a deeper mystery?

  • Can I allow myself time to rest and incubate the hope that is nestled within?

Silence melts into the whisper

Of frosty feelings, radiating

Hope for the snow blanketed

World, pure and clean, brilliant

Like a dream of white swathed

Prayers singing of sweet peace

The second invitation is to a ritual bath. 

In this month’s earlier blog, I spoke of the restoration I found from embracing a fairly commonplace act of bathing.  When the word “ritual” is added, the invitation is to be intentional and contemplative with each step.  So many things in our lives have become habitual, and we move through them unconsciously.  Here we treat one of those things as an act of meditation, receiving restoration.

Water is, in and of itself, soothing.  Think of the last time you were by a stream, a lake, or an ocean.

  • Start by envisioning a stream or river. Think of the sound it makes as you begin to turn the tap of the faucet.  Allow yourself to take in the rhythmic sound as the tub begins to fill, and let it still your spirit.

  • Use whatever you would like to “season” the water. Maybe it is soaking salts, bath gel, bubble bath, a bath bomb, whatever you have on hand.  Fill the tub with warm to hot water so that it will calm you with warmth.

  • As you enter, ask that the waters be blessed by the presence of the spirit at work. Savor the warmth, and take three slow, deep breaths.

  • Notice, is there any place in your body that needs softening? Maybe massage that part of your body, sending it love.

  • Observe how your body feels as you continue to soak, relax, and release. Maybe lay back, allowing your head to go into the water and feel yourself immersed.  As you sit up, visualize any tension or worries draining away.

  • Allow for 10 to 15 minutes or more to rest and soak.

  • Afterward, reflect upon the experience. Did you gain new insight or freedom?   Was taking time for self-care welcomed or challenging? Consider journaling to make note of what you discovered.

At Survivors to Thrivers, we seek to bring encouragement and full-life to survivors of trauma and abuse.  We hope that these experiences help you to embrace the season of Winter more intentionally and see it as an opportunity for internal growth and restoration.

We would love to hear what your experience was with the activities and if you have others you would suggest for our Thriver Tribe!  As always, please let us know how we can best support you!

Here’s to Thriving!  Tambry

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