Steps to Move from Victim to Survivor to Thriver

Published On: April 15th, 2023
In the April 1st Blog we talked about three ways to Stop the Silence Surrounding Sexual Abuse.
  • Raising Awareness
  • Inspiring Hope and Healing
  • Moving along the Stages of Healing

I am going to simplify the Stages of Healing Continuum to:  Victim – Survivor – Thriver.

These are distinct stages that need unique resources.

Stage 1 – Victim

If you are a victim of sexual abuse or trauma, there are many resources under our Resources tab for urgent needs including Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, National Domestic Violence Hotline, and Safe Helpline.

Here are two articles to help you find a therapist that is right for you:

It is also helpful to do research on different trauma-focused therapies to see what is best for you.  This APA describes different therapy options:

Stage 2 – Survivor

This activity helps you tap into where you are in your journey and how you can take steps to continue moving toward Thriving.

  • We are going to piece together the timeline of your journey and allow you to elaborate on it in whatever way is meaningful to you.
  • It may be drawing your story, capturing it through words, or illustrating it through images or pictures that speak to you.

Have a piece of paper in front of you.  It could be construction paper, copier paper, or something larger if you would like.  Also have a piece of paper, tablet, or journal to capture your initial reflective thoughts.

  • Take your construction paper/copier paper horizontally and across the top draw a timeline and label it:   Birth —————— Now ———————-Thriving.
  • Settle into your space by taking three deep breaths so you can be present for this activity and tap into your inner knowing.
  • Reflect on your childhood and adolescence.
    • What feelings, values, perspectives, attitudes, or events come up for you?
    • Take as much time as you would like.
    • Write these thoughts on your piece of paper.
  • Reflect from that point in time to “Now”.
    • What feelings, values, perspectives, attitudes, or events come up for you?
    • Again, take your time for thoughts to emerge.
    • Write them on your piece of paper.
  • Finally, reflect on your evolving to your Thriving Self.
    • That is your future self where you are able to claim all of yourself and live life to the fullest.
    • What feelings, values, perspectives, attitudes, or events come up for you?
    • Write these on your piece of paper.
  • Now it is time to get creative!
    • For you artsy types, this means you can draw images or pictures that represent your reflections on your paper with your timeline.
    • For those of you who may not be as artistic, you could capture words in different colors on construction paper with unique font types.
    • You can look through magazines for pictures that speak to you and cut them out.  (if you don’t have magazines, I like to use or for free images that you can copy and print at whatever size you wish)
  • As you look at the images you drew or cut from magazines, see how they “come together”.
    • Allow your inner wisdom to see images come together in unique ways.
    • You may choose to cut them out a little more and overlap some of the images.
    • Maybe the images are arranged to represent steps you have or are taking. As you assemble, you can go vertically or horizontally, whatever makes sense to you.
    • Maybe you have words mixed with the images.
  • Next collage these pieces onto your timeline – glue them to the page. You can make your page thicker by pasting it onto a piece of thin cardboard.
  • The last step is to write on an index card to glue to the back of the page/board what you wish to claim for yourself as you Awaken Your Light:
    • I am one who… (this statement comes from the message that evolved from your collection of images)
    • My Light is awakening by….
    • My vision of my Thriving is…
  • Close with a sense of thankfulness and gratitude for how you are moving toward your fullest self
  • Put this Thriving Artwork where you can see it and be inspired.
Stage 3 – Thriver

You have probably heard it said that life is a journey. With each step, you become stronger, and more competent and move into thriving.  As we live as Thrivers, it is important to keep nurturing ourselves.

This means we incorporate mind, body, and spirit activities to feed ourselves.   In the Resource Section, we have information about Yoga, Yoga Therapy, NIA, Mindfulness and Meditation.

It also means that we have access to resources that encourage us if a new limiting belief comes up that we need to work through.

Our Social Media is meant to keep encouraging this community, and we would love for you to follow us.  Facebook – survivorstothriversofficial and Instagram – survivorstothrivers.

You were brought to this blog for a reason.
  • We hope you have found encouragement and inspiration.
  • No matter where you are in the continuum, there is hope and we care!
  • Don’t be discouraged if you are not where you hoped you would be.
  • You are taking important steps toward Thriving.
We would love to see your timeline creation!  You can email it to us:
Let me shine the light of love on you right now:  You are worthy!

You are whole and beautiful!  The core of who you are is nothing but good!  If you need to hear this… trauma and abuse are never the victim’s fault!

If you need encouragement and support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email (through Contact Us) or social media.

We welcome your stories of moving from victim to survivor to thriver.

Remember, your trauma is not your fault. 

You are beautiful, inspiring, and have essential, inherent value.

Thank you for being a part of this uplifting and empowering community.

Here’s to Thriving and Awakening Your Light!

Talk To Tambry

I am glad you have taken the time to engage with this blog.  Sometimes it is helpful to process new insights that emerge.  If you would appreciate brief time with a someone who understands, our Talk to Tambry offering is for you.  For 30 minutes, you can receive support from Tambry who is a certified life coach, spiritual director and a survivor who has been on the journey as well.  This is offered at a reduced rate of $50.

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