Nurturing What Is Meant to Bloom Within You

Published On: July 15th, 2022

Embracing the four seasons allows us the opportunity to look at ourselves and our lives with different perspectives.

The summer season provides us plenty of flowers to enjoy, fruit and vegetables to savor, and sun to soak in.

Your invitation is to consider what is ripening or blooming in you.

Earlier this month, I offered some “pondering” questions.  Did you have a chance to consider?

“What am I ‘on fire’ for? What am I most passionate about?”

“What in my life is being sparked with life?”

“How I am uniquely made to light up my part of the world?”

To begin exploring these questions, let’s start with the fullness of breath. 

  • Breathe in deeply and feel the invigoration of breath.
  • Notice the air moving through your lungs.
  • Put one hand on your heart and the other on your belly.
  • Feel the pulse of your heart and the flow of air as it feels your stomach.
  • Notice the heat your body produces and become aware of the fire burning in you.
  • Allow yourself to feel fully alive.

Light a candle and gaze at its beauty.  Begin to feel its flame connect to the flame within you.

Ask yourself:

  • “How do I kindle the fire within?”
  • “What desires burn bright in my heart?”
  • “What sustains my fire or what do I need for it to burn more brightly?
  • “What am I being invited to say ‘yes’ to?”

Claiming Your Passion

Have you ever written an “I am” poem?  Don’t let the idea of a poem intimidate you; it is just a way to express yourself through words.

Below are two ways to embrace and express the beauty of who you are.


One way is to sit and invite images or words to come to you in response to the prompt, “I am…”  (I love doing this exercise outside as it opens you up to freer thinking and inspiration)

  • The image of an animal may come. What connection do you feel to this particular animal?
  • Maybe a particular flower or tree comes to mind whose attributes speak to you. Can you elaborate on what may be blossoming within you?
  • As images come, maybe you reflect them in a drawing using colors to represent the uniqueness of who you are.
  • If words come, how might you further express them?
  • As you sit with these images and words, does a poem emerge in response to “I am…”

Reflection Prompt

Another way is to reflect on the prompt, “I am one who…”

  • Quickly write down your responses on paper to this prompt.
  • Do not filter any thoughts that come to mind.
  • Sit with the words that came to you.
  • What insights do you find in your unique character expressed?
  • What desire bubbles up for you as you consider what is blooming or ripening within you?
  • What do you want to express in your “I Am” or “I Am One Who” poem?

To encourage you, here are two of mine:


I am flower waving freely in the sun

I am sky, endless in depths of blue

I am blossom, complex and layered, springing forth with life

I am bee, both being nourished and nourishing

I am wind, gently moving around everything I touch

I am field, vast and expansive


I am one who seeks ways to support others

I am one who thrives in discovery of those things within and around me

I am one who enjoys free flowing time with friends

I am one whose spirit connects deeply with nature

I am one who find joy and meaning in nurturing authenticity

I am one who holds safe space to encourage the healing of others

I would love to hear your “I Am” Poem!!  Please share in the comments or email me at tambry@survivorstothriverscom.

At Survivors to Thrivers, we seek to encourage you to claim your thriving self.  Each and every one of us have a beautiful fire within waiting to be nurtured.

It is our hope that you will continue to explore what is ripening or blooming within you.  As you become clear, nurture that fire that burns within your spirit and allow it to touch the lives and hearts of others around you.

Here’s to Thriving, Tambry

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