How are you tending to the beautiful life blooming within you?

Published On: August 15th, 2022

I invite you to consider the question: “How are you tending to the beautiful life blooming with you?”

Earlier this month, we explored how self-care is essential to sustain any growth; without it, we will begin to feel burned out and even lifeless and “dry.”

A first step is to acknowledge that there is beautiful life blooming within you.  Many times as survivors we can feel all that was taken away.  We may not imagine a life that is not dry.

Know that you do have those seeds of life in you.  You are worthy of tending to yourself and nurturing all the beauty that lies within.

Let’s explore how well you are nurturing your garden and what vines and weeds may need to be extracted to allow the beauty to thrive.

To start, try this visualization exercise.

  • Find somewhere you can sit comfortably without interruption.
  • Take three deep breaths to be able to feel “present” and settled into this space.
  • If you are comfortable, close your eyes. If you are not, allow them to gently rest on an object in front of you.
  • Begin to imagine, if you were a flower, bush, or tree, what would best represent you?
    • Are you a Peace Lily that has green lean leaves that are resilient when watered?
    • Are you an orchid that needs more attention and a specific environment?
    • Are you the rose bush popping with color but prickly to the touch?
    • Are you the Weeping – Willow with its delicate branches waving in the wind?
  • Visualize this beautiful plant and feel connected to it. Appreciate its rich detail.
  • Knowing the specific characteristics of that plant, what are its unique needs? What unique needs allow you to flourish?

After you feel you have gained deep insight with this visualization practice, let’s take the analogy further.

We know that the root system of any plant is essential to pull the nutrients from the soil.  In the weeping willow’s case, its roots span widely along the surface in search of needed water.  Other plants’ roots grow deep into the ground tapping into underground sources of water.

  • How deep and wide are your roots?
  • What nourishment do you want to intentionally draw upon? (Is it more time in the “sun;” is it specific minerals? What do you need physically, mentally, emotionally and physically?)
  • How will you “feed” yourself those nutrients? (Who or what can meet those needs?)

We also know that vines can overtake flower gardens as well as forests.  These vines often arrive slowly, undetected, but once they take hold, they can overwhelm the plants they surround.  Also, the longer they are allowed to co-exist, the stronger and thornier they become.

  • Have any “vines” taken over your plant?
  • How thick have they grown?
  • What do you need to do to extract them?

For fun, below is an image of a plant/tree.  I invite you to add leaves and color it to represent the beautiful flower, bush or tree that you are.

  • Maybe you write words around the branches of the “fruits” or “flowers” blooming in you.
  • At the roots, write those things you need in order to grow and sustain yourself. What nutrients do you need?
  • Perhaps you draw some of the vines that need to be pulled to allow you to expand fully.

Have fun with this exercise.  If it inspires further reflection, I invite you to journal about it.

If you would like to download this image from its source, here is the link:

Remember, self-care is not selfish!  Take time to water those roots so that you can grow and flourish into all that you are meant to be.

Here at Survivors to Thrivers, we seek to provide inspiration, hope, growth and encouragement.  Please let us know if you liked this exercise or if there are other types of resources that would be helpful to you!

Here’s to Thriving,


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