Creating Healthy Mindsets and Pathways

Published On: February 15th, 2024
How do we create healthy mindsets, and why do we care?

Earlier this month we looked at limiting beliefs and understanding how the resulting thoughts and attitudes affect our actions and behaviors.

I promise you don’t have to be bound by your limiting beliefs. You can turn these negative thoughts around to be life-giving and move to thriving.

Now we will explore how!

Previously I shared this flow:

  • A limiting belief is formed. Mine was “I’m not worthy”.
  • Thoughts and attitudes grow from that belief. Mine were “I must prove my worth and earn my value.”
  • Finally, actions and behaviors result from these thoughts. My actions were to strive for grades, achievements, and accolades to prove myself and gain love. This led to a lifetime of exhaustive striving.

Now let’s move to another flow.

This time see what the positive/helpful mindset or belief can be.

  • My unhelpful/negative mindset of “I am not worthy” can shift to the positive/helpful mindset of “I am worthy.”
  • If my mindset is, “I am worthy,” then the following thought would be “I have inherent value in who I am.”
  • Finally, if “I have inherent value in who I am,” then my actions and behaviors are authentic and I can be my true self and be loved and valued.

Here is a table that maps this shift out for you:

Negative/Unhelpful Positive/Helpful
STEP 1 Core Belief I am not worthy. I am worthy.
STEP 2 Thought/Attitude I must prove my worth, and earn my value. I have inherent value in who I am.
STEP 3 Action/Behavior Striving for grades, achievements, and accolades to prove myself and gain love. I can be my true self to be loved and valued. My actions are authentic.

The work is to think about what core beliefs are strong for you and how they drive your behavior.

Now it is your turn to look at what can happen if you shift your negative core belief to a positive one and see how it plays out in how you see yourself.

On a piece of paper or in a journal, draw this table/matrix.

Negative/Unhelpful Positive/Helpful
STEP 1 Core Belief
STEP 2 Thought/Attitude
STEP 3 Action/Behavior
  • Pick out a core belief that you believe gets in the way of your best living and most fruitful life.
  • Start with the negative column and write in the core belief, then the resulting thought/attitude, and finally the action/behavior.
  • After you have done that, restate the core belief in a positive/helpful frame.
  • Reflect on what the following thought and attitude would be.
  • Then describe what the corresponding action and behavior could look like.

Pause and take in what you have written.

Perhaps even take a couple of deep cleansing breaths to allow this awareness to sink in.

If you are inspired, in your journal write the thoughts that come up for you and what you notice in your body as you reflect upon them.

You can do this exercise for as many “limiting beliefs” as you would like

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