A Snow Meditation to Find Rest and Spaciousness

Published On: February 15th, 2022

What would a snow meditation to find rest and spaciousness look like?

I hope you enjoy walking through the meditation below.  If you would like to hear me guide you through, please click on the video.

First, find a comfortable place to sit.

Maybe you are in your favorite chair wrapped in a blanket.  You may also choose to sit cross-legged on the floor.

Raise one of your hands with your fingers spread open.  Begin to trace the outside of your hand with your finger.  As you move up your thumb slowly, breathe in.  Moving down toward your next finger, breathe out.  As your finger traces up your index finger, breathe in.  Tracing down the other side, breathe out.  Continue to do this for the other three fingers.

Sit with your hands relaxed in your lap, perhaps with palms open to receive whatever may come to you.

Close your eyes and visualize a snow globe. Look at the picture in the post if you need help creating this image.  In your mind, turn the snow globe upside down allowing all the “snow” to settle in the top.  Now turn it over, and visualize the snow settling down slowly.

What do you notice as the last snow particles fall to the bottom?  Are there any words or images that come to you?

Next, take the visualization a step further imagining yourself as the snow globe.

Can you watch, in your mind’s eye, as the snow settles down slowly.  See it drift down from your head, to your shoulders, through your core, finally settling into your legs where they touch the seat or ground.  Maybe you can see them surrounding you at your feet.

Notice how your body feels.  As you breathe in, think “rest,” and as you breathe out think “spaciousness.”

Continue to do this until you feel a complete sense of calm and peace.

Another way to invite rest and calm is a ritual tea which means a cup of tea you drink slowly and with intention.

You might already drink herbal teas regularly. I invite you to let this be a contemplative and full sensory experience.

Preparing for the Ritual Tea

  • There is magic in pouring hot water over tea leaves and being present to see the color that infuses the water and feel the warmth of the mug as the herbs steep in the water while you wait for the tea to cool.
  • Begin by turning off any distractions such as your phone, email, TV, or radio. You may choose to play some quiet music. Be intentional about your choice, and know that silence is also entirely welcome.
  • Next, choose the herbs you want to drink. Peppermint, chamomile, hibiscus – whatever calls to you.
  • Place your herbs into a pot or special cup.

Offer gratitude for this provision from the earth for your own healing journey.

  • Continue with some deep breathing to drop your awareness out of your mind and down into your heart and body to sense this meditative act.
  • As you fill your kettle from the tap, imagine the waters arriving from the rainfall and the rivers that flow.  Bless the water as it boils.
  • When the water boils, pour the water over the herbs and savor the steam that rises. Watch the herbs dance and bring color to the water.
  • Finally, close your eyes for a few moments as the teabag steeps, take in the aroma and warmth from the cup.
  • As you sip the tea, receive what gifts might come from the experience. Release any need to figure out what anything may mean, and gently quiet your mind to feel the calm and warmth that flows into your body.
As you feel a sense of calm, I invite you to look at the images below and see what additional meaning you can find.  Is it the invitation of the cup?  Is it in the elements that surround the cup?  Is there an additional invitation to soak in the goodness of your experience?

At Survivors to Thrivers, we encourage survivors of trauma and abuse to embrace their whole selves: mind, body and spirit.  We seek to offer reflections and activities to expand our Thriver Tribe’s healing journey.  I would love to hear what speaks to your heart and what exercises you enjoy!

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