Growing Out of the Muck – Mind, Body, and Spirit

Published On: September 1st, 2023

In August, we talked about comfort zones and growth. To be able to move from surviving to thriving, we must be open to stretching ourselves, growing in new ways.

But what if we are starting in a big pile of … muck?

I have had A LOT of muck in my life.  Do you know how wet mud can cling to you and prevent easy movement?  It takes energy to get unstuck.

And, imagine if this wet mud, the muck, and the mire, actually nurture growth.

This is true for lotus flowers or water lilies.

These flowers are symbols of transformation, strength, and inner beauty.

  • Their seeds take root and gather strength in even the most seemingly unpleasant environment of mud and murky water.
  • The plant slowly reaches for the sunlight and, when it is time, opens to bloom.

Our “mud” comes from those experiences over the years that have clung heavily to us.  However, you can begin to see them differently and begin to heal!

Did you know that the word “heal” comes from the word “whole” which is why it is important to consider your whole self?

The muck not only affects our minds but also our bodies and spirits.

To move through healthy change, we must embrace all of who we are and take slow but steady healing steps.

This is just like the lotus slowly making its way through murky waters to reach the surface.

“Often, we perceive our mud as shameful and forget that everyone has mud. Gathering mud is part of everyone’s life journey. Trying to avoid mud is futile because we wind up with mud anyway.  Mud build-up cannot be avoided, nor does it need to be, because it is a rich resource waiting for our seed.”

Christina Dunfee Houfek

At the beginning of this blog, I share that I have a lot of muck in my life.

I was able to turn my pain into purpose, part of which is sharing my journey and learned truths in my book, Awakening the Light: A Survivors to Thrivers Going Forward Story.

I share this quote to encourage you to seek to find and nurture those seeds of your authentic self and know you are not alone.

“How many others had been covered over with layers of pain, sorrow, disappointment, and regret? How many others might wish to find the seeds of their authentic selves?”

In our September 15th blog, we will explore practices to bloom from that mud we may be entrenched in.

 At Survivors to Thrivers, we are committed to encouraging and supporting you as you seek to embrace your healing and growth.  We would love to hear the steps you have taken to heal yourself – mind, body, and spirit.  Please know we are here to cheer you on– every step of the way!

Talk To Tambry

I am glad you have taken the time to engage with this blog.  Sometimes it is helpful to process new insights that emerge.  If you would appreciate brief time with a someone who understands, our Talk to Tambry offering is for you.  For 30 minutes, you can receive support from Tambry who is a certified life coach, spiritual director and a survivor who has been on the journey as well.  This is offered at a reduced rate of $50.

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