You 2.020

Published On: January 1st, 2020

New Year’s Day is a wonderful way for us to remember that every new day is another chance for us to be the best possible version of ourselves.  This year, in particular, can feel a bit more impactful since 2020 might have felt like such a futuristic year as we were coming of age.  Many people might be feeling like they haven’t lived up to the expectation they set out for themselves decades prior.  Do you feel like your reality is better or more lacking from what you had envisioned? 


The year alone conjures up thoughts of 20/20 vision.  The visual acuity that people strive to possess throughout life.  You can take this clarity of sight and apply it to your everyday life. No doubt you have been inundated with thoughts or mentions of New Year’s Resolution or how “this year will be better.” 


Instead of thinking in terms of absolutes or a need to be better, try thinking in terms of your journey.  The month of January is thought to be named for the Roman God Janus who governs transitions, duality, and passages.  He was essentially a gatekeeper with the ability to look both forwards and back.  We, as people with a history of sexual abuse, understand what it is like to live between two worlds.  How life was before our assault, and how the trauma forever changed us. This transition is at the heart of the journey of a victim, to a survivor, to a thriver.  It’s this growing process that helps us heal, reclaim our voice and ultimately shine our light of inspiration to the broader community


This January, while others make and break resolutions, we at Survivors to Thriver want you to embrace your journey towards wholeness and peace.  Think of this new year as a new personal software reboot – You 2.020!  There will be some improvements and perhaps a few glitches you need to work through, but ultimately this new start gives you a chance to be better optimized to engage with your life


Today you have the opportunities for a brand-new set of 365 days, plus the bonus of a leap year. This means you have 366 chances to live your best day possible.  Unlike with resolutions, don’t worry if you feel off one day.  The next sunrise gives you a nonjudgmental opportunity to start anew. Embrace this journey you are on.  Don’t be afraid to look back from time to time.  When you revisit the history in a healthy way, you understand that hindsight really is 20/20.  You have come so far, learned valuable lessons and can be comfortable in this new skin of yours.  You have honed a way to make your journey forward a bit easier and with more supportive company.  Pause to enjoy this blessing during a time of transition, reflection, and hope. 


Be kind and gracious to yourself. If life in 2020 wasn’t what you expected, reflect on what these unexpected opportunities taught you.  What wouldn’t you be able to do now, if you had that idealized life?  Dialogue with your mind, body, and spirit every day to understand how to best utilize your 24 hours.  Whatever doesn’t get done can wait until later.  Try to find peace living in the now.  We at Survivors to Thrivers wish you and all your loved ones a happy, healthy, safe and blessing-rich New Year.  We encourage you to share your thoughts, concerns, and journey through our email or social media channels.  Thank you for being a part of this uplifting community.


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