Claiming Your Gift of Personal Growth

Published On: December 15th, 2020

Earlier this month we explored a gift you can give to yourself this season… personal growth.  I have always been one who was more comfortable with giving than receiving.  At Christmas when we opened up presents, I would get great joy seeing people open the gifts I gave them and then I would be the last one sitting with presents around me unopened.  There is nothing wrong with this AND part of my growth has been to learn to receive. 

In the December 1st blog, I talked about how one of the stones in my wall was self-reliance.  This helped to insulate me from being disappointed.  If I don’t expect anything from you, you can’t hurt me.  But, if I don’t give you the opportunity to give to me, I will never have the experience of that connection.  If I don’t let you help me, then I can never know what it means to be surrounded by a loving community.

I want you to sit and visualize your wall.  The one you have built up over the years to protect yourself.  To be able to do this effectively, you may need to spend some initial time “centering” yourself.  What this means is that you sit in a comfortable place, take three deep breaths and allow your thoughts to go inward.  After your breath has become slow and regular, begin to see that wall. 

·         What does it look like?

·         Are the stones large or small?

·         How high is the wall?

Then begin to look more closely at the stones.  Can you sense whether they are protecting you or keeping the things you desire out?

If you were to name some of the stones, those things that are keeping goodness out, what are they?  (I mentioned last time that some of mine are self-reliance, competency, perfection, distrust, and distance)

What are the things that you deeply desire that you are not able to embrace because of that wall, because of those stones?  (For me, they are connection, kindness, understanding, love and peace.)

If you would like to take this exercise one more step, I invite you to capture your words on an flat ornament or perhaps a sign you can hang up where you can see. 

·         On one side, write “I release” – and list the stones that are not helpful to you.

·         On the other side, write – “I claim” – and list those things you desire and want to embrace.

You can have the “release” side facing you to remind you of what you are seeking let go, those unhealthy things keeping you from what you desire OR you can have the side that states what you wish to claim for yourself facing you.

You deserve to receive this important gift to yourself.  Embrace the goodness that can come when you let your wall down!

At Survivors to Thrivers, we are committed to encouraging and supporting you as you seek to embrace your healing and growth.  We would love to hear what you are releasing and what you are claiming for yourself.  You deserve it!  Please know we are here to cheer you on– every step of the way!

“This book is one of self-actualization where the author takes you with her on the growth and healing journey.  There were many concepts and even tools shared to help you find wisdom within yourself.  When she would ask me to pause before going deeper in exploration, I would think, ‘this is where the truth begins.’”  Betsy

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