Tidying Up the Trail to Thriving

2020-03-15T10:00:00-04:00March 15th, 2020|

As spring approaches, people begin to tire of being sequestered in their inner sanctums. They want to rush outside and enjoy the returning sun rays. A sense might be felt that after all the time spent looking inward, now is the season to see the beginning of the new phase of life we have craved.

However, before we enjoy the fruits of our hard work, we must tend to the shoots of new growth. This can be a frustrating period, and we must face it with grace and perseverance. This work can be made more empowering by taking a creative look at your situation. While you are working to heal and reclaim your voice after sexual abuse, you can use your hobbies and creative outlets as tangible manifestations of the growth process.

Crocuses and Cairns

2020-03-01T11:00:00-05:00March 1st, 2020|

The waning days of winters can be especially trying. There is an urgency to finish tidying up your inner space, shedding layers and a calling to feel the rays of warm sunshine on faces. There is a sense that enough time has been spent inventorying the situation and thinking about what steps we must take to improve our lives. Essentially, we have gotten cabin fever of the soul and yearn for the new shoots of hope and promise to break through the cold, dark ground. We can feel lost when these shoots are slow to break through and frustrated with the additional work of tending to these vulnerable seedlings.

When we suffer trauma in our lives, like sexual assault, we are called to both name and claim the people and forces that keep us grounded and inspire us to break through any barriers blocking us from wholeness. During this season where I feel lost and bound up by the physical pain and fatigue, I draw strength from the Divine and the rhythms of nature. I think of the first flowers of spring, like crocuses that must not just burst forth from the hard protection of the seed coat, but then break through the hard, frozen ground. This new shoot is then vulnerable to the elements and reliant on the sun to help it blossom and flourish.

Similar to the crocus, we must break forth from the seed coat of our pain and hurt. Next, we must be brave and break through the unforgiving ground of limiting beliefs and unhelpful interpersonal dynamics. We must tap into forces that uplift us and bring us encouragement, joy, and peace. Whether that is a Divine force, a close family member, treasured friend, place of refuge, or even hobby, cultivate this support system with renewed vigor. Finally, when you feel a bit more settled in yourself, use this strength and light to help blaze a trail for people that might also be feeling lost and alone.

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