Keeping Grounded During Unstable Times

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The first rule of when you get yourself lost during hiking is to stop walking. The next is to take a deep breath so you can slow your mind down from racing. Only then can you begin to formulate an action plan. Finding yourself suddenly in an unstable time is very similar. You might have thought you were doing everything right, for it all to go horribly awry in a matter of moments.

Panic robs us of our abilities to think critically and objectively. It forces us into such heightened states of anxiety that we not only fear, but believe, the worst possible situation could occur. This phenomenon known as catastrophizing amplifies the normal triggers and limited beliefs, we bravely tackle every day. This is particularly true for those of us who have suffered traumatic events in our lives like sexual abuse.

As the world is currently facing panic due to the grips of Covid-19 we all benefit from strengthening our abilities to ground ourselves during precarious times. Please explore one or more of the following exercises to help you rediscover your sense of stability and reclaim your power to enjoy life as a thriver.

Be the Key to Your Heart

2020-02-01T11:00:00-05:00February 1st, 2020|

There is nothing quite as powerful as the force that humanity calls “love.”  Yet for survivors of sexual abuse, nothing can be more complex or difficult for us to express.  Sure, we can “love” to have our morning coffee, or we “love” see both our favorite series or a dear friend.  But deeper, unconditional love can feel fleeting or at worse elusive for many of us. 


Although society becomes fixated on romantic love this time of year, it may be helpful to resist this trend and instead turn your attention inward.  Think back on the past month and reflect on how you have been talking to yourself.  Have you been leading with love or with judgement?  Are you so quick to focus on the tangibles in your life because they seem at the time to fill a void deep within your essence?  Are you having difficulties in your interpersonal dynamics because you have forgotten along the way to be your own cheerleader and nurturer?


There is a scar that never fully fades when one has been sexually violated.  In a snap, our soul is forever marked by who and where we were at the time of our trauma(s).  We endure the shock, attend to our hurts, reclaim our voice and finally, focus on shining the light of hope around us; but the echo that remains is real and haunting at times.  When we are able to be in Thriver-mindset we are able to hear the needs and learn valuable lessons from this echo.  However, to fully be present to process this (not sure what this word is) part of our essence, we must act lovingly and without judgment to ourselves

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