Individual Guidance (could be combined with one other person)

  • We guide people to look at their core beliefs and toxic voices, identify how they are limiting themselves, shed their old shell and  claim their new, Going-Forward Story.

  • Six sessions move you through the Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers Process. This includes understanding the practice of mindfulness, exploring the dynamics of our identity and limiting core beliefs. This leads to capturing your current story, what you want to claim as your future story, looking at “antagonists”, supporting characters and finally illustrating your Going-Forward Story.

Retreats (In person and Virtual)

We create a safe, sacred space for a small group to Awaken their Going-Forward Story through reflection, journaling and story boarding.

  • In-person, one-day Retreats provide the opportunity to be a part of a group who shares a common experience. This group is limited to ten people in order to create an intimate space for growth. This retreat provides quiet space to look at your story and process what you see. The degree to which you share is completely up to you in this space of unconditional love. 

  • Virtual Retreats are held over the course of three days with reflection in between. They allow individuals from all over the country and world be able to participate in growth and healing with a loving community. It is a wonderful option for initial support where a maximum of five participants and retreat leader come together. Sacred space is still created through the use of opening meditation, use of candles to create community and use of Skype to be able to see one another and feel the hearts of the community that has gathered.

Speaking Engagements

  • I speak to groups and facilitate dialogue around how to help Survivors become Thrivers. My key message is that this is a topic that is held in secrecy silence and shame and it is up to us to shine light into this darkness.  

  • I describe what is was like to live in the dark and my personal “awakening” moment. I also explore the work I went through to understand my story so that growth and healing could happen.  

  • My concern is that too many people may be raising their hands with #metoo yet staying stuck in the old story and limiting beliefs.  There are specific steps that Survivors can take to move to Thriving. There are also specific actions supporters can take to encourage the survivors in their life. Together we can build awareness and support and change the culture around sexual abuse.

Lenoir-Rhyne University

Lenoir-Rhyne University