As we make our own wounds visible and available, they can be of service to the healing of others. This story of wounding, struggle, and healing encourages survivors to claim their going-forward stories.

Tambry’s experiences, concepts and heart shine light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse.

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Section One invites the reader into the author’s story by asking reflection questions. Together author and reader walk through the stages of forming, launching, evolving, awakening, claiming and thriving.

Section Two focuses on the reader’s exploration and moves through a mindful process of exploring the main character of the story, the reader, and seeing that person more holistically, maybe even more compassionately than ever before. The reader claims a vision for future life-giving chapters. The overarching hope of this inspiring book is to begin to create a community of people who are moving from surviving to thriving, and journeying together.

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Small Group Guide

This Guide is comprised of ten weeks of discussion around the book, Awakening the Light. A pattern is set for every meeting so that the group walks through the book’s reflection exercises in a helpful, grounded, exploratory way.

Opening Grounding Exercise


Book Insights

Deeper Exploration

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Holistic Perspectives around Awakening the Light

Mind“Awakening the Light is a beautiful expression of the author’s heart and journey of healing. There is a helpful balance of vulnerability and openness with her experience, courage and passion to help others step through the fire and integrate mind, body and spiritual healing.”  Leslie Kay Maitri Canniff, LCMHC, LCAS, C.H.T.

Body: “This comprehensive, empathetic guide is for all abuse survivors wanting to live a freer, thriving life. The author weaves her own story into research-based steps allowing one to bring light to the ways trauma continues to limit life and move beyond these limitations. She adeptly illustrates the need to pay attention to physical feelings in addition to the psychological, emotional, and spiritual perspective.”  Debra L. Coles, M.D.

Spirit: “The move from darkness, shame and silence to light, love and freedom is possible when we have the courage to acknowledge and face the harm we’ve experienced. The author’s stories and images of how God has been made known to her are compelling and reflective practices offer real guidance in connecting to your sense of the Divine. This book is a true gift to anyone who has experienced abuse, anyone who loves a survivor, and to interfaith leaders who minister to them.”  LeDayne McLeese Polaski, M.Div., ED of Mecklenburg Metropolitan Interfaith Network

From Chapter 1, Framing

Why write down the intimate details of one’s life and share them with strangers? Why risk that level of vulnerability? Why especially would someone like me—a perfectionist who habitually strives to stay small to avoid making waves—chose this path? I reflected on this as I wrote each paragraph of my story, simultaneously feeling the dread of exposure and the freedom of release.

Sometimes the motivation is to give comfort, encouragement, and hope to others who can see themselves in your story. Although each abuse story has its own details, the feelings of woundedness are universal. These feelings include confusion because the people who hurt us may have been close family members or friends, and it is hard to understand why a loved one would cause pain and suffering. We each must be willing to do our healing work. As I have moved into thriving, I have found that the next step of my healing work is to find my voice around my truth and be a light of hope to others. Are you ready to find your light, find your hope, and launch into that healing journey with me?

Another reason for sharing is because many people experience shame around their sexual abuse and think they could have avoided the abuse, or perhaps the abuser said shaming things to them to keep them silenced. With each raised voice and each healed heart, we begin to change the culture that silences the innocent victims. We stop the shame, secrecy, and silence and promote hope, healing, and health.

The physical, mental, and emotional pain from sexual abuse seeps deeply into the core of a person, leaving them wondering if there is a way out or beyond it. The complexity expands as our lives are intertwined with others who may not be comfortable with the reality. I asked myself, “How can I bring healing and wholeness if I stay in the dark and remain silent around the experience and the trauma?” I believe my story is one of light, hope, and healing, which is what I want for anyone seeking to unearth their authentic selves through reflection and vulnerability.

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