Tambry Harris

Founder, Speaker, Guide


Tambry’s Story

  • I was a woman wrapped in the image of having it all together with a successful career, beautiful daughter, and seemingly happy marriage.  Then a sudden panic attack became my wake-up call that my life was not "perfect."

  • Years of peeling back the painful layers revealed what I had suppressed for decades... that I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. More years were spent understanding and accepting the impact this abuse had on my life choices and my beliefs about myself.

  • This awareness was not the end of my journey. I needed to find my voice, decisively name my truth and create a vision around how I could help others who have experienced the pain and shame of sexual abuse.

  • My calling is to inspire people to move beyond the initial awareness and therapy to a new level of wholeness that comes with claiming their Going-Forward Story and becoming thrivers in life.


Tambry’s Background

  • After I received my Masters Degree in Applied Psychology, 16 years were spent in Corporate America, working for several Fortune 100 companies including Duke Energy, Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, and First Union/Wachovia. Working in the areas of organizational, team and leader development was very satisfying. I gained certifications in the areas of Coaching, Diversity, Change Management, and Cultural Awareness. Each of these certifications evolved who I am and what I believe.

  • Over ten years ago I left to form my own company where I would seek to continue to enhance performance at organizational, team, and individual levels. At the same time, my spiritual life grew and I saw the importance of balance to become the whole person I was meant to be. Five years ago I added the certification of Spiritual Director to further my ability to coach to the whole of a person.